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About Stacey


  Stacey graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in December of 2013. As a licensed Nutritionist her focus is assisting with your personal health concerns, challenges and goals. She loves to work one on one and with families in their unique situations. Her favourite course in her studies was on allergies as it hit home with having a daughter with severe anaphylaxis. She loves to work with families facing these same obstacles as her family does on a daily basis.  

In 2015 she successfully attained certification as a Metabolic Balance Coach completing the training programme according to the metabolic balance method by Dr. Wolf Funfack. She loves helping her clients reset their metabolism and rebalance their hormones using the Metabolic Balance Program. Her clients come to her after trying everything and Stacey gives them results knowing that their distinctive biochemistry and nutritional needs differ for every person.     

The majority of Stacey’s clients are women who are looking for support and need someone that has been in their shoes. She knows the struggle as she has been there herself many times throughout her life. Her metabolic balance plan gets her back on track and motivates her clients knowing that she is an example of the program.    

Recently she has had a lot of new male clients which has really opened up her practice. It is a new venture for her as she delves into their unique needs. She is very compassionate and understanding with no judgment and strives to help them anyway she can with their individual requirements.  

Stacey is also a member of the Business & Professional Women of Niagara which is an equality-seeking group working toward the improvement of economic, political, employment, and social conditions for women. Together they support local women's shelters and are involved in community work. Being able to help other women is very humbling and what Stacey is all about. She will be your coach, your friend, your sound board, your cheerleader in life and the one that tells you that you have lipstick on your teeth.   Transform your body and your life today!